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Installed Statistics of Net Metering Sytem

Approved Products List for Net Metering Program

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Selected Bangladesh Standard (BDS) of Solar Accessories for Net Metering

Standard Compliance Application at CM Wing, BSTI

Rooftop Solar Net Metering Online Calculator

Net Metering Calculator for Initial Assessment of Rooftop Solar

Video Tutorial for the online net metering assessment

Solar Inter-Row-Spacing Calculator for Rooftop Solar

Net Metering and SIPGI Informations

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Net Metered Rooftop Solar

Circular on Appliances Standard according to Net Metering Guideline

Circular of Cabinet Division to Promote Net Metering on Govt. Buildings

Explanations on Net Metering Guideline-2018

Online verification of SREDA issued NOC

Application, System Checklist and Contract Forms of Net Metering

Application, System Checklist and Contract Forms of SIP Grid Integration

Brochure on Net Metering Rooftop Solar (2020)

Unified Net Metering Billing Format (I)

Utility Scale Solar Park

Instruction of Cabinet Division on Agro Land

Draft Document for Unsolicited Solar Park Proposal

Model Contract Document for Solar IPP Projects

Investment Plan for Bangladesh under SREP

Laboratories and Certification Bodies

List of Accepted International Laboratories (Application Form)

Application Procedure for International Laboratories (Download Circular)

Local Laboratories for Local Verification

Bangladesh Standards (BDS) of Solar Accessories

Bangladesh Standards (BDS) of Solar Module, Inverter, Charge Controller, Battery and Others associated with

Circular on mandatory BDS of Solar Module and Inverter by Ministry of Industries

Off-grid Areas for Solar Mini, Micro, Nano Grid

Definition of Solar Mini, Micro, Nano and Pico Grid

Relevant Policy and Guidelines

National Solar Radiation Resource Assesment (SRRA)

Data assessment summary of Sylhet Station

Solar Street Light System

Program Design and Technical Specification of Solar Street Light under Bangladesh Climate Change Trust


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Duty Calculation of Solar Cell

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