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Utility Name Installed Capacity Quantity
BPDB15.802 MWp323
BREB11.469 MWp261
DPDC2.418 MWp265
DESCO2.325 MWp340
WZPDCL1.001 MWp210
NESCO0.988 MWp57
TOTAL34.002 MWp1456

Progress records

SL. Date Total (MWp) Total (Qty) BPDB (MWp) BPDB (Qty) BREB (MWp) BREB (Qty) DPDC (MWp) DPDC (Qty) DESCO (MWp) DESCO (Qty) WZPDCL (MWp) WZPDCL (Qty) NESCO (MWp) NESCO (Qty)

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Progress of last 2 months

September, 2021
Utility Name Last-1 Record Last Record Progress
BPDB 6.954 MWp 15.763 MWp 8.81 MWp
313 nos 319 nos 6 nos
BREB 11.469 MWp 11.469 MWp 0 kWp
261 nos 261 nos 0 nos
DPDC 2.337 MWp 2.372 MWp 35 kWp
257 nos 261 nos 4 nos
DESCO 2.312 MWp 2.325 MWp 13 kWp
335 nos 340 nos 5 nos
WZPDCL 1.001 MWp 1.001 MWp 0 kWp
210 nos 210 nos 0 nos
NESCO 0.988 MWp 0.988 MWp 0 kWp
57 nos 57 nos 0 nos
August, 2021
Utility Name Last-2 Record Last-1 Record Progress
BPDB 6.919 MWp 6.954 MWp 34 kWp
309 nos 313 nos 4 nos
BREB 11.469 MWp 11.469 MWp 0 kWp
261 nos 261 nos 0 nos
DPDC 2.283 MWp 2.337 MWp 54 kWp
252 nos 257 nos 5 nos
DESCO 2.263 MWp 2.312 MWp 49 kWp
325 nos 335 nos 10 nos
WZPDCL 0.984 MWp 1.001 MWp 17 kWp
206 nos 210 nos 4 nos
NESCO 0.968 MWp 0.988 MWp 20 kWp
55 nos 57 nos 2 nos

Top 20 Capacity Net Metering System's List:

SL Project Name Installed Capacity Location Utility Financing COD
18738 kWp NEM rooftop Solar system by consumer Korean EPZ Corporation of Distribution Division, Patiya, Chattogram8.74 MWpPatiya Upazila, ChittagongBPDBN/A2021-09-26
25246 kWp NEM rooftop Solar system by consumer 25980591 Korean EPZ Corporation of Distribution Division, Patiya, Chattogram 5.25 MWpPatiya Upazila, ChittagongBPDBN/A2021-01-26
3NEM by S. F. Textiles of Narayangonj-11.77 MWpAraihazar Upazila, NarayanganjBREBN/A2019-03-21
4NEM rooftop solar by Far East Spinning Industries Ltd. of Hobiganj PBS1.1 MWpMadhabpur, HabiganjBREBIDCOL2018-10-29
5NEM Rooftop Solar by Simftex Apearls Ltd. of Gazipur PBS-2700 kWpGazipur Sadar-Joydebpur, GazipurBREBN/A2019-10-29
6NEM rooftop solar by Paragon Feed Ltd. of Gazipur PBS-2575 kWpGazipur Sadar-Joydebpur, GazipurBREBN/A2018-10-04
7432.96 kWp NEM rooftop Solar system by consumer 430-2305 Liz Fashion Industry Ltd. of Dhaka PBS-1433 kWpKaliganj, GazipurBREBN/A2021-02-16
8412.87 kWp NEM rooftop Solar system by consumer 430-2258 Lida Textile & Dyeing Ltd. of Dhaka PBS-1413 kWpKaliakior, GazipurBREBN/A2021-02-16
9360 kW NEM rooftop solar piloting at Shantaher Silo360 kWpAdamdighi, BograNESCOJICA2017-02-26
10350 NEM rooftop Solar system by consumer 211-1300 Alliance Bag Ltd. of Gazipur PBS-2350 kWpGazipur Sadar-Joydebpur, GazipurBREBN/A2020-03-03
11NEM Rooftop Solar by Colour and Fashion of Mymensingh PBS-2340 kWpSripur, GazipurBREBN/A2019-07-08
12NEM by Debniar Pading & Packaging Ltd. of Mymensingh-2320 kWpBhaluka, MymensinghBREBN/A2019-01-09
13300 NEM rooftop Solar system by consumer 082-1170 Libas Ltd. of Dhaka PBS-1300 kWpKaliganj, GazipurBREBN/A2020-07-22
14NEM Rooftop Solar by GMS Textiles Ltd. of Tangail PBS300 kWpKaliakior, GazipurBREBN/A2019-09-19
15NEM Rooftop solar by Hera Sweaters Ltd. of Narayanganj PBS-1210 kWpSonargaon Upazila, NarayanganjBREBN/A2019-10-08
16NEM rooftop solar by Noman Teritaoel Ltd. of Gazipur PBS-2200 kWpGazipur Sadar-Joydebpur, GazipurBREBN/A2018-10-24
17194.7 NEM rooftop Solar system by consumer 785-2860 Paragon Poultry Ltd. of Mymensingh PBS-2195 kWpSripur, GazipurBREBIDCOL2020-03-19
18NEM rooftop solar by Ajmat Appareals of Dhaka PBS-1165 kWpDhaka City, DhakaBREBN/A2018-09-24
19160 NEM rooftop Solar system by consumer 290-2486 Sea Pearl Beach Resort & Spa Ltd. of Cox`s Bazar PBS160 kWpUkhia Upazila, Cox's BazarBREBN/A2019-07-11
20NEM rooftop solar by EMS Aperals Ltd. of Gazipur PBS-1150 kWpGazipur Sadar-Joydebpur, GazipurBREBN/A2019-04-27