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Tech Trix | Last updated 2023-06-21

Organization Type : Non-Government Company /Organization

Responsible Officer: techtrixbgd, Managing Director [ ] [ 01911840313 ]

Organization Name: Tech Trix (টেক ট্রীক্স)

Organization Address: Azim Monjil,Road-1,Nuria Madrasa Area,Khulshi,Chattogram (আজমি মন্জীল,নুরয়িা মাদ্রাসা রোড,খুলশী,চট্রগ্রাম)

Phone Number: 01911840313



Description of the RE Activities of Tech Trix : SOLAR pump - submersible & jet pump,Solar cooker,Solar street light,Bio-Gas Plant,etc. 50Kwp On grid solar plant at Factory roof top. 1)Windmill 600w setup in roof top.(Coastal area of Chattogram city) 2)5Kw on grid net metering setup at Khulshi R/A,Nasirabad,Chatoogram. 3)Solar pump 2Hp setup Chokoria,Chittagong. 4)2Kwp Wind power generation plant at Patenga,Chittagong. 5)Solar powered Rice Cooker(24V)available. 6)24V-200W DC wind mill setup at Vatiary,Chittagong 7)Solar Fridge setup & commissioning at BGB Chittagong region. 8)Solar water pump project done at Kaptai,Chattogram,by 3Phase with VFD. 9)3Kw DC inverter setup(direct from PV Solar) 330V DC to 220V AC in Banshkhali,Chittagong. 10) Develop a Buck-Boost topology based MPPT Solar charge controller.(100V PV & 72V Battery) 11)DC Induction cooker - 24V with Buck-Boost topology successfully installed. (12-6-2023)

Working Zone : Chittagong