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Impress Tech BD | Last updated 2023-06-07

Organization Type : Non-Government Company /Organization

Responsible Officer: Md. Tanjir Hossain, Managing Director [ ] [ 8801719670407 ]

Organization Name: Impress Tech BD (ইমপ্রেস টেক বিডি)

Organization Address: TA-119, Badda link road, Middle Badda, Dhaka-1212 (ট-১১৯, বাড্ডা লিংক রোড, মধ্যবাড্ডা, ঢাকা-১২১২)

Phone Number: 8801719670407



Description of the RE Activities of Impress Tech BD : "Impress Tech BD" is the reliable for supply, installation and maintenance of overall solar on-grid, off-grid, hybrid system. We also dedicated to satisfy clients by net-metering system implementation and long-term sustainability by energy saving.

Working Zone : Whole Bangladesh