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Bluenergy Solutions Limited | Last updated 2019-10-16

Organization Type : Non-Government Company /Organization

Responsible Officer: Fazle Mannan, Director [ ] [ 01715000027 ]

Organization Name: Bluenergy Solutions Limited (Bluenergy সলিউশন লিমিটেড)

Organization Address: 206/A, Tejgaon Industrial Area. Dhaka-1208 (২০৬/এ, তেজগাঁও শিল্প এলাকা, ঢাকা-১২০৮)

Phone Number: 01671820774


Website: Bluenergy Solutions Limited

Description of the RE Activities of Bluenergy Solutions Limited : Solar PV, Rooftop, Microgrid to utility scale systems including Energy Storage technologies. Solar pump and other Renewable Energy applications. Waste to energy from municipal waste, production of synthetic fuel and electricity.

Working Zone : Whole Bangladesh