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Joules Power Ltd (JPL) | Last updated 2020-02-23

Organization Type : Non-Government Company /Organization

Responsible Officer: Md. Nahiduzzaman, Senior Analyst [ ] [ 01678207729 ]

Organization Name: Joules Power Ltd (JPL) (জুলস পাওয়ার লি: (জেপিএল))

Organization Address: Colloid Centre (2nd Floor), 206/A Tejgaon I/A, Dhaka-1208 (কলোইড সেন্টার (২ তলা), ২০৬/এ, তেজগাঁ শি/এ, ঢাকা-১২০৮)

Phone Number: 02 48810351



Description of the RE Activities of Joules Power Ltd (JPL) : Joules Power Limited (JPL) is a privately owned energy company operating in the power sector in Bangladesh.Our mission is to become one of the leading renewable energy producers in the country. Our portfolio consists of Bangladesh’s largest solar IPP, Technaf Solartech Energy Limited (TSEL); a 20 MW national grid-tied solar PV plant commissioned in September 2018.Right now we are focusing on Rooftop based solar powered solutions for different Government and Non Government Organizations on CAPEX, OPEX models. We also providing EPC support for large scale solar project, Rooftop Solar project etc.

Working Zone : Whole Bangladesh

Renewable Energy Program/Project Owner/Shareholder/Implementor/Investor(OPEX) except EPC in Bangladesh

Solar Park : JPL is is the owner of largest IPP 20MW solar in Bangladesh. We are also seeking for more and more oppertunity to do solar park in Bangladesh.

Rooftop Solar except NET Metering : We want to work in CAPEX and OPEX model with industry owner.

NET Metering Program : We want to work in CAPEX and OPEX model with industry owner.

Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Activities on RE in Bangladesh :

Type of Activities :

Solar Park Solar Home System Solar Minigrid Solar Micro/Nano Grid Solar Irrigation Rooftop Solar except NET Metering NET Metering Program Solar Drinking Water Solar Street Light Solar powered Telecom BTS Solar Boat Solar Water Heating Wind Energy Small Hydro Biogas Biomass